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Orbitz.com is a travel fare aggregator website and travel metasearch engine. The website is owned by Orbitz Worldwide, Inc., a subsidiary of Expedia Group. It is headquartered in the Citigroup Center, Chicago, Illinois.


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John Olivo says

"I booked flights to Cambodia in august 2019 paid on my debit Card, flights were with Thai Airways, flights were cancelled by Thai airways in March 2020 on contacting Ebookers I was told my refund would be returned, till this day I am still waiting. I have tried to contact Ebookers and Thai Airway but cant not get any answer from them, being a 73 year old, I can not aford to loss over £1000 pounds, one thing I would never use Ebookers again or Thai airways. through no fault of mine."

Alex says

"The customer service is truly awful. The systems don't work and on multiple occasions I was cut off half way through lengthy calls, which resulted in starting the process all over. I would never, ever book through these guys again. Truly awful."

Ben says

"Ebookers acting illegally Dishonest behaviour & poor service from Ebookers. - I had a flight booked for July 2020. - It was cancelled by the airline - Kenya Airways. - International Conditions of Carriage impose duty on airlines to make full refunds on tickets if THEY cancel flights. This was the case for my ticket. - Other family members booked on the same flights as myself with other companies HAVE received their refund. - But Ebookers has not refunded me, despite multiple phone calls by myself and numerous assurances that 'the refund has been authorised'. - I am just about to initiate proceedings in the UK small claims court in order to ensure that Ebookers abides by UK law and that I receive my refund. I strongly discourage using this company."

Anastasia Bajenova says

"Hello everyone, I had a really bad experience with ebookers/expedia when my flight got cancelled by the airline. The airline sent me a confirmation email saying they refunded my money to ebookers since I booked via them but ebookers customer service continiously lied about refund dates, giving me a new date every time I chased them up. The flight was on the 4th of Septmber, it is the 12th of December now. Yesterday I called them and they changed the tactic saying the money got actually refunded and I need to chase PayPal instead. They also promised to email me the refund confirmation but of course I never received any email. This company is a massive scam. Do not buy through them!"

Philip Morris says

"Disgusting customer service. Bonus+ is a scam. I've been waiting on £44 I bonus points which I got from a booking, phoned at least 10 times and been told wait 24hrs every single time. Not only have I not got the £44, they have taken £44 out of my bonus points. In my eyes that's theft, beware anyone who uses this site, I seriously hope you don't need customer service if you do use them. Best avoiding them, not worth the hassle"

Heidi Fisher says

"Sadly not a positive experience with ebookers linked to a cash back lure. I used them and they declined my cash back a year later when I had taken the holiday and paid for it. Not impressed at all so I now won’t be using again as I feel ripped off. Don’t be tempted by other bonus things to lure you in and always check best price rather than things you won’t end up receiving!"

Jamie Marshall says

"Awful booking experience - having not (to this date) received my Bonus+ credit - based on a £3000+ booking. Been told by customer service at least 8 times now, that it will be resolved and escalated to the Rewards team and nothing! I have equally raised a formal complaint and had absolutely no response. I only booked with eBookers, as the extra credit (to be used on future bookings) made it worth while vs competitors - however I will not be using again and based on the dreadful customer experience/service I've received - I would genuinely not recommend to anyone."

Mr Hughes says

"I went on to the site and previewed a hotel then booked it not long after previewing it. The days flashed up the same as the preview so booked it dnd got it out my road. Turns out I made a mistake and the dates had changed to 4 months later. Turned up at the hotel in a different country and it was closed. Arranged another hotel in same group. Checked booking, e bookers said hotel doesn’t do refunds. Contacted e bookers “wait till week before call us back”! Contacted hotel by e mail temporarily closed due to COVID “we have never received any money from e bookers for your reservation and would be happy to refund” by e mail. Contacted e bookers by e mail (ignored) contacted e bookers by telephone “hold on I’ll contact hotel-yeah hotel has confirmed everything we will send you an e mail immediately please confirm all details” Nothing at all from e bookers!!! As far as I can judge e bookers are deliberately withholding my refund despite the hotel e mailing me and them confirming it. Is this illegal?"

Ian-S says

"Is Ebookers intent on losing custom? Similar to Jonathan below, Ebookers declined cashback through topcashback on my flights, on top of being extremely unhelpful when the flights were cancelled and Aeromexico trousered all my payment - no refunds, just flights that I couldn't possibly take for outrageous additional fees and charges."

Jonathan Burch says

"I booked an ebookers holiday via quidco, on the basis that the cashback made it the best priced deal. 9 months after the holiday, Ebookers have now rejected the cashback claim of £92! I'll be sticking to other sites next time!"

Matthew Pritchard says

"Could not make my trip to the hotel due to covid lockdown in my country and the destination. Ebookers refused to refund as did the hotel. It is important to name and shame the companies that do this during thistime."

Adam S says

"It’s a scam! Run by a bunch of criminals who need to be in jail. Please run as far away as possible and they your card details and just empty your bank accounts. I had this experience and have been facing threats from them ever since."

Reman McDonagh says

"Overpriced and lack of full disclosure We decided to do a staycation walking holiday and wanted nice hotels rather than apartments. One of the hotels we chose was the Kings Head Country Hotel even though it was more expensive than others in the area. I wanted to book an evening meal and tried to contact them the day before arriving but was difficult to get in hold of them, I called many times as well as emailing and finally received a call back at 9.30pm. The informed us they do not clean rooms every day, we had read their COVID policy before booking and those facts were not included. We were paying a lot for 2 nights stay in a hotel that was not cleaning the rooms every day, not what we would have booked if we had known and they were not willing to acknowledge the inaccurate advertising on their website or the Pre-arrival email they sent us before our stay that again did not mention the lack of cleaning. As they were not willing to refund the booking we did stay at the hotel, had to ask for a change of towels/toiletries ourselves and had to go up to our room to find the cleaner to provide them. The hotel is on a B road but used by HGVs which we could hear in our room, as well as the person who was snoring in the next room. The hotel had no atmosphere in the evenings, the only good part was the breakfast was fine. All in all, overpriced for what they provided."

Gordon Bowden says

"Took over 4 months of emails and phone calls then social media to obtain some of my money back from a cancelled hotel stay. Went through section 75 chargeback and finally I have conformation of my flight money back Total lack of customer service Trying to pass me off to the airline company keep pushing your credit card company will help, but even that was a struggle"

He says

"6 months after my flight was cancelled I’m still waiting for a refund. Now they tell me the ticket is too old and I must go directly to the airline. When I go to the airline they tell me they can’t help me because I booked via ebookers! AVOID EBOOKERS AT ALL COSTS!! You will never get your money back if it’s cancelled and speaking to the call centre is like speaking to robots! If the question is not on the list they can’t answer it. WORST COMPANY EVER!!!"

Jason Burns says

"cant give zero ratings dont bother with a company that does not value customer service."

Janet Sullivan says

"On the phone to ebookers for 1 hour 20 minutes trying to rebook a flight due to Covid lockdown in Switzerland. No joy. First 20 minutes had messages every now and then saying their staff would be with me shortly and then all messages stopped and the same three tunes trundled on. One of them being - 'time goes by so slowly and time can do so much'!! You are telling me. Finally gave up before my phone bill got bigger than the booking price. NEVER booking through them again. Will just have to lose my money."

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